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October 15, 2007

Charlize Theron Fantasy

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Old fantasies die hard.  Esquire magazine (Nov 2007) just named Charlize Theron The Sexiest Woman Alive.  I am heartbroken.  Why?  It’s not that she doesn’t deserve the title.  Sure she does.  But I thought…  Well, I thought…  I just thought I was the only one.  I know how silly that sounds.  But I had this fantasy.  I figured that a guy like me might actually stand a chance with a woman like that, were we to meet by chance.  That girl next door look makes her look like someone who might just like a slug like me.  So even though I knew my fantasy was unrealistic, I held onto it with great comfort.  But now I don’t get to do that anymore.  I don’t get to have my fantasy.  The girl next door might go for me, but The Sexiest Woman Alive?  Not a chance.  No way.  I don’t even get to entertain the fantasy.  Blown right out of the water, it was.  Demolished.  So, thanks a lot Esquire.  Thanks for ruining one of the greatest fantasies that I had.  Now Charlize is no longer my girl.  Now, she’s everyone’s girl.  Now she belongs to the world.

The article that inspired this post: http://www.esquire.com/women/women-we-love/charlize-theron-gallery-1007

Charlize Theron Is the Sexiest Woman Alive

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