Ponderances of Steve


Hi, I’m Steve LeBlanc.  This is where I do some life ponderances.  I also do public speaking, corporate training, consulting, coaching, holistic healing.  Here’s an article I wrote for Fast Company magazine blog, titled Where Social Learning Thrives.

To a life worth living,

  • Where my space nourishes me and supports me
  • Where people delight in my presence, and I in theirs
  • Where I have powerful, creative friends that I love, admire and cherish
  • Where my health is strong and vibrant
  • Where my mind is peaceful and productive
  • Where I see God in all faces, and beauty in all places
  • Where choices are easy and priorities are simple
  • Where I choose my thoughts and my life
  • Where my creativity and creations are Divinely inspired
  • Where money comes easily and frequently
  • Where my work is meaningful and immensely rewarding
  • Where perfectly aligned work comes to me easily and in good proportion

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