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SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2009  rev2015.01.05

Welcome to my Twitter Landing Page. I’m so glad you are here. These are the kinds of things I usually want to know about others on Twitter.

Who are you?

I’m Steve LeBlanc, a mystical geek, corporate trainer, speaker, writer, holistic healer with a deep interest in social questions. I live in northern Arkansas. But I have lived in six other states, mostly the Southwest.

Recently Published

Contact information?

Email:  use my Contact form. If you want to talk, send me your phone number by email. I usually return email and calls within a few days. If you don’t hear from me within four days, try me again.

What is your followback policy?

Due to limited attention and high distractability, I do not always follow those who follow me. Sorry.  But I also follow users not on my Follow list.

What are your passions?

Great questions, Trainings, Personal and Spiritual growth, Rapid Emotional Healing Modalities, Transformational Grammar, Excellence, Service, GTD.

Current Interests?

Social Media, Freeware Text Editors/Reviews, Web 2.0 Startups, CMS, Scripting Languages, How to Empower Friendships, #PLENK2010, PLE, PLN, LMS, MOOC,


Eloquent communications, authentic expression, Compassionate Containment of over talkers, smart and witty humor, spiritual connection. Presence: if you’re going to leave the room, take your body with you.

What are you NOT interested in?

News, current events, politics, celebrities, MLM’s, sports, violence, sugar, alcohol, drugs.

Business or Personal?

This is primarily a personal account to develop friendships and conversations. That said, here is my shameless plug for my professional services. I do rapid holistic healing of old, stubborn emotions for those people who say, “I’ve tried everything!” I also do Public Speaking.

What do you expect to tweet about?

Mostly I would like to tweet about social questions, great links, current insights and my occasional blog posts. And I love the idea of micro fiction or Twisters, 140-character short stories, as done by @arjunbasu. I mostly retweet because when I find a great link, I search Twitter and find someone worth following to RT.

What I want from Twitter?

I want to serve others and find an audience who cares about personal communications and transformation. I hope to build a network where I can post interesting questions, the kind I regularly pose to my friends. (How do you feel about sharing tears? What do you want to know more about? What is the simplest definition of romance?)

I’d also like to begin to market my holistic work and develop some ebooks. And finding romance would be great too.

I have hundreds of articles that I’ve written which I have yet to post online. It’s partly shyness and partly that many of them still need work. I hope to find an audience who enjoys my style well enough to move me to post more of those articles regularly. I write about life coaching, communication, business management, excellence, technical reviews and quirky models of transformation.

I have more ideas for websites and modules than I have the time or skill to build. So I’d love to find a php friend.

sleve or sleveo?

As you can see in Other Places to Find Me, I have had the cyberspace username of sleve since the 90’s. I wanted a short, memorable name that was not usually taken. And I almost always have my shirt sleeves unbuttoned. It was available on Twitter when I first checked it and I was delighted. But when I was ready to join, I noticed some really mean person had stolen it. I couldn’t believe it. Took it right out from under me. The nerve of that guy. How could he do this? After all these years, I had lost my preferred seat on the information super highway. (That’s what they used to call it back in the day.) And the shame of it is that he has yet to even use it, this guy Stephen Clark. Maybe he’ll give it up if I ask real nice and all. Perhaps he’ll see the error of his ways. I could even immortalize him on my Twitter Landing Page. I would most certainly be grateful, maybe not eternally, but certainly for a long time, at least the foreseeable future. So what do you say Mr. Clark. Can I have it back? Not that I ever really owned it on Twitter. But hey, I so had my heart set on it. So can I?

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